Osborn House Fire Feast Brings The Asado To Australia

Osborn House Fire Feast
Brings The Asado To Australia


Not all sausage sizzles were created equal.

Case in point: the asado. As decadent as it is delicious, the asado is a traditional Argentinian barbeque that celebrates the preparation and cooking of mouth-watering meats over a parrilla, aka grill. And once you’ve experienced it, the humble backyard BBQ doesn’t stand a chance.

While the charcoal grilled meat and vegetables are the star of the show, the success of the asado is also in the hands, hearts, and stomachs of its attendees, who share stories and plates with one another well into the afternoon. Full of flavour, festivity, and fun, the centuries-old tradition has stood the test of time for good reason (spoiler: the reason is the food).

Both a social event and a feast, an invite to the asado is most likely to come from family or friends in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and—plot twist—the Southern Highlands! Inspired by the most epic of South American soirées and famed Argentine chef Francis Mallmann’s way of cooking, The Osborn House Fire Feast is back in full swing after an incredibly successful season in 2022.

Surrounded by the rolling hills of the highlands, devour an incredible menu centred around seasoned succulent meats and fresh local produce charred on an open fire. Kicking off every Sunday from 12pm and winding down at 4pm, fans of the long lunch will relish in the four-hour-long festival of food that is Fire Feast.

Tastebuds tingling? Here’s what you need to know. At $175 per person, tickets include a glass of Mythic Mountain Malbec Rose and a classic asado feasting menu that rotates weekly (see an example of what was on offer over the weekend here).

Due to the social spirit of the asado, we encourage larger bookings so you can slow down and catch up with family and friends over incredible food and surroundings. As such, we have limited tables of two for our Fire Feast sessions. if you can’t see ‘Fire Feast’ as an option on your selected Sunday, this usually means only larger tables are available, so let the group chat know it’s time for a trip to Osborn House. Please note bookings are essential and there are no walk-ins available, and all children must be over 12.

What next? Upon arrival, you will be shown to your table and poured your glass of complimentary wine before being taken down to the lawn lounge to witness our specially trained chefs in full asado action—cooking in the domes, infierniellos, and planchas. Once you’ve taken in this unforgettable immersive experience, you’ll be taken to your table in Dinah’s, Osborn House’s elegant formal dining room, for food service. And from there? You’ll embark on a sensory experience your tastebuds will savour for Sundays to come—or at least until you sample the next Fire Feast menu.