Interior designers, Linda Boronkay and Alan Mc Mahon, were inspired by Jean Cocteau – a French poet, artist and filmmaker who fell in love with the holiday home of a well-known French socialite. So much so that he took up residence there.

Jean decorated the house with murals on almost every wall and enough eclectic details to spend a full day discovering. By the time he left almost 11 years later, it had become infamous as ‘la villa tatouée’ — the tattooed villa.

Inspired by Jean and the incredible history and character of Osborn House, Linda and Alan commissioned Jai Vasicek as our first Artist In Residence. 

From June 20 to June 26 this year, Jai will take up residence at Osborn House and create a series of work in situ inspired by our hotel and home. The originals created during this time will be available for purchase, as well as a limited-edition print run of Jai’s other pieces in the hotel.


Jai’s work is a celebratory expression of art through mixed mediums. Drawing inspiration from his travels, his artworks feature vibrant colour with layers of print and pattern inspired by the sea and forest, exotic creatures, bold motifs, religious iconography and evocative female forms from polynesian beauties to ocean sirens.

You might also know him as the artist who has been working on murals throughout the corridors in our main house, showcasing his interpretation of our surrounding landscape and rich heritage of the property.


Jai In Residence: June 20th to June 26th, 2022

To celebrate the launch of our first Artist In Residence program, we will be releasing a strictly limited edition print run of Jai’s artwork throughout the hotel – starting with “The Peacock Flower”. 

Our most requested piece in Dinah’s is now available to purchase as a print. Only 50 available! 

We look forward to welcoming you to Osborn House for the first edition of our Artist in Residence program.

“I have a real emotional connection to Osborn House. I love it so much. Working on it since it was a skeleton to what it is today. I can see memories through the hallways and all the spaces.” – Jai Vasicek