7 Autumn Skincare Tips For Happy Skin

7 Autumn Skincare Tips
For Happy Skin

The sun has set on summer and we are just about to head into one of our favourite seasons in the highlands – Autumn.  As the seasons change, so too does your skin and the care it needs.

Whether it’s repairing damaged skin or combating dry skin, our Spa Manager, Maddie, shares her tops tips to keep your skin happy and healthy. Scroll down to check out her seven tips!


Repair the damage caused by the sun in Summer by introducing Vitamin A into your nightly routine.

Vitamin A works by breaking up clusters of melanin granules thus reducing pigmentation on skin, increases the rate of skin cell turnover to speed up the skin’s natural exfoliation and wound healing to give you an even tone, smooth and naturally glowy complexion.

Recommended Product: LaGaia Unedited Vitamin A


The colder months can bring out the body’s aches and pains, regular massages can help combat this by enhancing blood flow, increasing the body’s temperature and overall improving the body’s functions.

Adding the extra heat from a hot stone or tool is a great idea in Autumn and Winter as it warms your cold muscles to relax them and allow the therapist to give you a deeper massage.

Try: The Rock Star Hot Stone Massage or Earthly Elements Massage at Osborn House Spa


As we enter the cooler months consider opting into a heavier moisturiser to prevent dehydration and dryness in the skin.

When searching for your new moisturiser look out for one featuring lipids, vitamin E and vitamin B5 to support the skin’s barrier and provide deep hydration.

Recommended Product: LaGaia Unedited Amethyst Quartz Cream


As the temperatures begin to drop it is a great time to start a weekly bathing ritual to detox, soothe tired muscles, improve skin conditions and relax the mind. 

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It is important to protect the skin with a SPF in the cooler months, although it might feel cold outside UV Rays are still present and able to penertrate the skin and cause damage.

Recommended Product: LaGaia Unedited SPF 15 UV Protect


Great skin starts from the inside. Boost your water and healthy fats in your diet with ingredients such as nuts, olive oil, fish and avocados. 

This can help increase the hydration in your skin and give you a natural glow with the help of Omega 6 and Omega 3. 


Don’t forget about the rest of your body! Make sure you are exfoliating from tip to toe weekly and moisturising nightly to stay ahead of the dry skin in the cooler months.

Recommended products: LaGaia Unedited Macadamia Exfoliate & Blue Stone Lapis Body Cream