Meet Jai Vasicek | Artist In Residence


We sat down with Jai Vasicek, our first Artist in Residence, to understand a bit more about his process, how he came to be an artist and who inspires him in his work. Check out our interview below. 

“There is this magic that happens when the piece knows what it wants to be. Trust is what inspires me”. – Jai Vasicek

Can you tell us about your artistic style / process?
I think I have developed my own kind of style. I have been painting like this since a very young age. I would say my style is very feminine, romantic and a bit of a story teller. I like to express a feeling in artwork. I also like to channel pieces – I create art in the moment. Most of the time I rarely design it, I generally use the colour that is presented in front of me and see where it takes me.

Did you grow up in an artistic family?
Yes definitely! My father was a boat builder – he worked a lot on their interiors. He was always making things for us as kids. The woodwork and craftsmanship was very detailed and so artistic in his own way. My mother was a bikini and textile designer and loved working with colour. 

What’s your favourite part of the design process?
My favourite part of my design process is when I can feel it. When I’m really in the design process, not forced, just in the moment. Sometimes I fight with the canvas and there are moments where it starts to take form and the piece becomes a feeling. I love also being open to channeling what the piece wants to be. I do believe I work with muses. They strike all the time, so when I’m painting the idea becomes so strong. I don’t know how it happens but it’s when I’m in a quiet space. It’s almost a form of meditation. 

Jai's Creative Process

Who are some of your favourite artists and do you think they have had an impact on your work?
I love artists that are an escape for me. Ones that take me to another place. I really love landscapes and abstracts. Generally I like the complete opposite of my own work. I am a huge fan of Monet. I love romantic artwork – pieces that transcend me to Europe. 

What were you most inspired by with your works for Osborn House?
I was inspired by the gardens. They really spoke to me when I first visited. The landscape is also breathtaking. To bring this into the heart of Osborn House made so much sense. It wasn’t hard to find inspiration – it was on every corner.

Do you have a favourite or most meaningful piece from this collection?
The muse I painted in Dinah’s is my most meaningful piece. I love that so many elements relate to the interior when I wasn’t briefed on the colour scheme. The blue flower is the exact colour of the fabric on the chairs. This reminds me there is magic happening in projects like these. The interior designers put so much trust in my work which I value so much. They allowed me to let this piece be what it needed to be.


Jai Vasicek will be on site from June 20 to 26th where he will paint a series of artworks in situ and continue his murals on the walls. Guests who stay with us during this time will get priority access to purchase the originals painting, as well limited edition prints of Jai’s other work at Osborn House. 

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